DAPS Health

Diabetes Amputation Prevention Specialists



DAPS Health significantly reduces diabetic lower extremity disease, amputations, and associated health conditions including heart disease, eye disease, kidney disease, and clinical depression


DAPS Health is a clinical services and technology healthcare group focused on diabetes and its concurrent co-morbid conditions, particularly diabetic lower extremity disease and its link to heart disease. Outcomes in major payer populations utilizing a unique predictive methodology finds complications far upstream from the first acute event resulting in significant reductions in medical expense while concurrently and dramatically reducing human suffering.

DAPS Health, a new group utilizing the predictive methodology created and successfully implemented in previous population management companies founded by Dr. Jeffrey Tredwell, evaluates major concurrent co-morbid conditions of diabetes.

The DAPS Health program predicts and prevents diabetes-related complications by employing a high touch, hands-on, risk stratification methodology, and 24/7 home monitoring technology. For lower extremity disease, we utilize the science of temperature trending to predict, prevent, and prevent recurrence of diabetic lower extremity complications. The technology allows for the simultaneous monitoring of thousands of patients. Founded in 2016 by Dr. Jeffrey Tredwell and a team of senior health care executives and clinicians, DAPS Health provides an innovative model of care for people with diabetes which significantly decreases the risk of the most dreaded and costly complications of diabetes.

Our initial clinical screening and assessment identifies linkages between diabetic lower extremity disease, peripheral neuropathy, and peripheral vascular disease, and other concurrent conditions such as clinical depression, heart, kidney, and eye disease, and hypertension.

The DAPS Health predictive and preventive methodology has been developed and refined over 35 years of clinical experience by its founders and senior management. During this period, the group has designed and improved innovative methods to isolate the factors that cause diabetes- associated complications. With this foundation, DAPS Health leadership developed pioneering clinical predictive and preventive intervention models that have been documented to dramatically arrest serious complications. These models are based on a comprehensive system of algorithms, protocols, procedures, and policies. It is this system, combined with in-home patient- centric monitoring technology, which makes it possible to offer life-saving help to diabetic populations throughout the United States and around the world. DAPS Health delivers its services by:

  • Consulting services that enable healthcare and payer organizations to adopt and utilize the program to aid diabetics and substantially reduce medical expenses
  • Building and delivering programs staffed and operated by DAPS Health trained clinicians and business specialists.

Our Value Proposition

All diabetics are candidates for the DAPS Health prediction and prevention program. The program is the only one of its kind which:

  • Delivers tremendous health benefits to people
  • Saves significant medical expense for payers
  • Identifies diabetic concurrent co-morbid conditions far upstream from the first acute event
  • Scalable due to 24/7 home monitoring technology
  • Can embed its methodology into multiple lines of business for healthcare plans